Albion is a prestigious brand from Japan that is constantly found among the top ranking beauty brands in Japanese department stores. If you are looking for skincare or cosmetics that would enhance your natural beauty, then give Albion a try. Click here to learn more about the brand.


Albion Malaysia: For Your Fair Skin

Albion Malaysia: Beauty Products for Fair Maidens

Born in 1956, Albion is known for its implementation of cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing process of its products. Many of its products have gone on to wind awards, maintaining the brand’s top ranking position in department stores throughout Japan. Yes, the brand comes from Japan. The brand’s name, Albion, means ‘white land’ and is inspired by the white cliffs of Dover. The brand creates its beauty products based on how the colour ‘white’ can be used to accentuate the beauty of women.

Albion Malaysia: Getting the Albion Skin

Albion defines beauty as having translucent and supple skin. The brand believes that beautiful skin can be achieved by ensuring that one has the proper moisture balance. Having the right moisture balance will not only lead to skin feeling soft and moisturized, but also enhances the skin’s natural barrier function while improving the moisture retention capabilities. How this can be achieved is through the usage of lotions. But it is difficult to find the proper lotion in order to ensure that your skin gets the proper moisture balance.

This is where Albion steps in. The brand has created a special lotion line called the Milk Lotions. These lotions are to be used after you have cleansed your face, just before you use any other lotion. Albion’s Milk Lotions are specially created “not to coat the skin’s surface but to condition the stratum corneum moisture balance”. The Albion Milk Lotions have been dubbed as a “Miracle Milk” due to its miraculous properties. The Albion Milk Lotion is designed to deliver these 3 effects:

Balance of Moisture: Increases the quality of your skin by optimizing the moisture balance
Balance of Modeling: Each application of the product brings your face close to its ideal shape
Balance of Mind: Having great skin will in turn boost your confidence and give you a peace of mind

    The brand has gone to great lengths to ensure that their products will meet the needs of their customers. The creation of the Albion Milk Lotions was accomplished after years of perfecting its skincare products. So it is no wonder these particular products are well known in the world for its miraculous properties.

    Albion’s Milk Lotions falls under 6 different lines. Each made to cater to specific beauty needs:

    Albion Exage: Milk Lotions that actiavely pursues beauty by addressing intercellular communication in the skin. The lotions also encourage the birth of new, well-moisturized cells.
    Albion Exage White: Milk Lotions that provide deeper, active whitening benefits. This line of lotions also works to achieve clarity and brightness that shines from within the skin.
    Albion Infinesse: Milk Lotion that is dedicate to the fight against signs of aging. The lotion goes to work on the skin’s dermal cushion, delivering dramatic improvements.
    Albion Infinesse White: Milk Lotion that tackles the problems of aging head on while also delivering noticeable whitening results.
    Albion Excia: Milk Lotions that are made to enhance the skin’s responsiveness to the skin care products that you use. The lotion also works to enhance the resilience of the skin as well as leaving the skin with a natural, radiant glow.
    Albion Excia White: These Milk Lotions not only improve the skin’s resilience and radiance, but also works to address the issues of skin aging and photoaging.

      Albion Malaysia: Prestigious Whitening Beauty Products

      Other than Albion’s Milk Lotions, the brand is home to other skincare and cosmetics products that are just as popular and iconic. Here are a few other awesome beauty products that Albion has to offer:

      Albion Chiffon: This product is a combination of powder foundation and liquid foundation. Albion Chiffon offers the ease of a powder foundation by going on smoothly and fitting close to the skin without any dryness. At the same time, it delivers the perfect, flawless finish of a liquid foundation. Other than that, the Albion Chiffon offers moisture and beautiful results that will last all day.
      Albion Herbal Oil: Made from herbs, this beauty oil can be used for many purposes. The Albion Herbal Oil is so popular that it has gone on to win several cosmetics awards since its debut in 2003. The oil can be applied to the face or body in order to moisturize your skin. The oil also comes with a nice fragrance of the jungle and dessert plants that will relax your mind.
      Albion Elegance La Poudre: A high class face powder that has existed since 1989, the Albion Elegance La Poudre is made to maintain your complexion with its silky texture and elegant clarity. It is no wonder then why this powder remains a favorite among many people since its debut.

        Albion Malaysia: Elegance and Beauty

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