Bags are an essential part of any style. It is more than an accessory but rather a functional statement that completes any look. Reverting back to the classics is Alain Delon Malaysia and their exciting array of bags for men. Sophisticated and luxurious minus the price tag, Alain Delon is a classic take on your favorite go-to bags. Read more below about Alain Delon!


Alain Delon Malaysia - Defining Men’s Bags

A combination of aesthetics and function, bags are the best accessories that you could ever wear to accentuate your outfit. Defining the very standard of bags is Alain Delon Malaysia with their gorgeous display of bags, wallets, and other accessories. Top quality and trendy, Alain Delon is everything you could ask for in a bag brand.

About Alain Delon Malaysia

When it comes to men’s fashion, Alain Delon Malaysia is a brand made for sophistication. Originally from Europe, Alain Delon is now in Southeast Asia to spread the beauty of elegance and simplicity through high fashion for men. The brand is known for their excellent collection of men’s clothing, bags, accessories, and small leather goods. This close-tied family business keeps craftsmanship and quality a priority; every stitch, and piece of material that goes into their products are guaranteed high quality.

Products that you can get from Alain Delon:

  • Clothing
    • Pants
    • Tops
    • Outerwear
    • Suits
  • Bags
  • Small leather goods
    • Wallets
    • Belts
  • Accessories
    • Scarves
    • Bow ties
    • Scents

Different types of men’s bags from Alain Delon

Alain Delon is a brand for classy and sophisticated individuals, not because of their modern style but because of its wonderful blend of timeless designs and current trends. Among their most popular products are men’s bags from totes to duffels. You can find all sorts of bags from Alain Delon Malaysia!


Functional, easy to carry, and stylish, backpacks are no longe reserved for elementary or high school students. A backpack is a convenient bag for men because of its medium-sized compartment which can be organized according to how you want it. Everything you need for the day such as laptops, notebooks, books, and other gadgets can be stored in your backpack much like the Alain Delon sports backpack.

Duffel bag

Duffel bags are large bags that have two top handles and often a crossbody strap to make it easier to carry. Duffel bags are perfect for the gym because it can carry all your essentials in one go. And, for the same reason, duffels are also great for travelling because of its relatively large compartment. Though it is not an everyday bag, it is simply perfect for a weekend out of town or a work out session at the gym. Just like the Alain Delon Handheld Travelling bag, duffel bags are a must-have for everyone.

Messenger bag

One of the most popular type of bags for men, messenger bags like the Alain Delon Black Leather messenger bag, are medium-sized bags which is a perfect go-to like a backpack. Instead of having two straps to carry from behind, messenger bags feature a long strap attached to the side which can be hanged on one shoulder or across the body. Messenger bags are popular because of its simple, masculine, and elegant appeal, particulary those made of leather.


A classic men’s bag, a briefcase is almost similar to a messenger bag except that it lacks large flaps at the front and are much more compact yet are firmer than slouchy messenger bags. It is perfect for storing gadgets such as tablets, laptops, and phones as well as office stationery. A briefcase is perfect if you want to look more professional and sophisticated like the Alain Delon Black Business Briefcase.

Carryall or holdall

If you think a duffel bag is too big for you then a carryall or otherwise known as a holdall bag is everything you could ever ask for. It is a modernized and stylish version of a duffel bag which looks like a larger version of a briefcase but is a little bit larger in compartment with rigid handles and often a cross-body strap. If you want to have this type of bag, then check out Alain Delon Large Carry-on leather bag which is made from 100% geniune leather.

Laptop bag or totes

What’s the difference between a laptop bag, a carryall, and a briefcase? A laptop bag has a specialized compartment that would accommodate a full-sized laptop. Compared to the latter, a laptop bag is specially designed to carry a laptop along with its accessories such as a mouse and charging chords. Laptop bags are also padded to protect your laptop from any unwanted bumps while carrying it.

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Bringing you European style with a hint of elegance and sophistication, Alain Delon brings artistry, craftsmanship and style into their exciting selection of products for men. Shop online now for the best products from Alain Delon Malaysia at iprice!