AKRacing is one of the world's top gaming chair manufacturers that has made a name for itself in the world of e-sports. The brand works closely with leading e-sports teams in the world to produce high quality gaming chairs, emphasising performance and comfort. Learn more about AKRacing here.


AKRacing Malaysia – Providing Surreal Experiences for All

Nothing beats delving into the virtual world and momentarily forgetting the stress and troubles that one is facing by playing video games. An avid gamer can play his or her favourite games for up to several hours daily, which might cause them to encounter symptoms such as frozen shoulder and back pain then after. Hence, a comfortable gaming chair is a definite must-have to ensure continuous gaming without suffering the side effects after.

Rise of E-Sports

Playing video games and computer games is no longer a leisure activity done by bored children or teenagers wanting to pass their time, it has now become a career and a business. Known as electronic sports, or e-sports in short, it is a rising trend that has developed into a multi-million dollar industry, involving various countries around the world. Global e-sports events that occur annually such as The International, the League of Legends World Championship and the Battle.net World Championship Series has made most individuals' childhood dreams into reality (our mums would have never imagined that playing games would lead to earning big bucks!)

Introduction to AKRacing

The rising popularity of e-sports in recent years has contributed to the increase of top quality computer accessories, from gaming mouse to LED-lighted keyboards, designed to provide surreal experiences to gamers. Introducing AKRacing, one of the most prominent gaming chairs manufacturers worldwide, producing top-notch gaming chairs that combines comfort with performance. With its emphasis on ergonomics, design and functionality, AKRacing gaming chairs has become a favourite amongst professionals in the eSports arena worldwide. AKRacing works closely with top eSports teams such as Team Dignitas, which enables them to have an advantage in understanding the needs of the professional gamers, who need a combination of supreme performance and comfort to excel in their game. Of course, these chairs are not limited to be used by gamers only, as they can also be utilised for everyday office use as well, especially for individuals who spend long hours sitting and working.

Features of AKRacing's Gaming Chairs

Ergonomic Design that Provides Added Comfort

Its ergonomic design provides extra comfortability that aids players to maintain a better posture than normal chairs can, hence enabling longer gaming sessions without experiencing backaches. They can also be used as a work chair, allowing to get more work done before your work gets sore, hence improving productivity.

Adjustable Height and Reclining Back

All of AKRacing's gaming chairs have adjustable heights which allow users to adjust the chair to their preferred height that suits them best. The armrests on these chairs are also adjustable, enabling the users to rest their arms after a gaming or working session. The chairs also come with a reclining back that goes almost 180°, so that you can take a short break and rest.

Steel Frame

The AKRacing gaming chairs also comes with a fully-steel frame, which adds stability and sturdiness to the chairs, making the chairs more durable and high quality, making them last for many years. The steel frame also gives the chairs a more refined and chic outlook.


The AKRacing chairs come in two material types, which are cloth and polyurethane. Not only do these materials make the chairs look chic, they also provide their own benefits and qualities. The cloth material reduces the risks of the chairs being scratched through by individuals who own pets at home. The cloth material is also more breathable, so users will not get sweaty despite sitting on them for long periods of time.

As for the chairs made out of polyurethane, they are waterproof, meaning that you need not worry about your soda spilling on the seat! This also means that they are easier to clean as well. Moreover, it gives out a more premium feel when you sit on it, which makes you feel like you are a professional e-sport athlete yourself!

The Range of AKRacing Gaming Chairs Series

The AKRacing chairs are divided into several series, each with their own price range. Users who would like to experience these gaming chairs yet remain within budget, you can try out the K7012 series, Prime Series, Overture Series, Nitro Series and Player Series that offer the basic features and ergonomics (don't worry, they are still super comfy!) For those who are seeking a balance of comfort and performance, you can check out the Octane and Premium Series. As for individuals seeking superior performance and ultimate comfort and to be a notch above the rest, then you should not miss out on the ProX series of the AKRacing gaming chairs that will redefine your gaming and working experience.

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