Bedding linens are not just a piece of fabric you throw onto your bed to cover mattresses and pillows. The right kind of linens with the right kind of designs can turn a simple bed into the coziest place for you to relax on. Other than choosing the appropriate beddings, tidying your bed is as crucial. Figure out the reasons why you should make your bed and ways to improve the process here.


AKEMI Malaysia - Importance of a Comfortable Bed

AKEMI is a homegrown linen and bedding brand that offers high-quality products with international standards. Their bedding linen comes in different styles within product lines such as the AKEMI Avantgarde, AKEMI Autagraph, AKEMI Medi+Health, and AKEMI Uchi. Most of their products are made from 100% cotton and have a thread count of no lower than 400. The beddings usually come in a set that provides a coverage for the mattress, two pillows, and a bolster or lumbar pillows.

Other than bedding linens, AKEMI Malaysia also offers bedding accessories like pillows, bolsters, and quilts in their AKEMI Sleepedia and AKEMI Therapeutic line. The pillows and bolsters in the Sleepedia Collection uses microfiber technology. This technology is extremely soft, superior in comfort, and will keep the dust, mites, and grimes away. If a regular pillow is not enough for you, AKEMI Outlast provides memory and HiLoft pillows to improve your spinal condition while you’re sleeping. Hypoallergenic and microfil quilts are also available under the main AKEMI line.

Nowadays, the AKEMI brand can be found in most major shopping malls in the form of their own retail stores or in a section at a department store. Although, AKEMI products are now sold in big online retailers. No matter where you get your AKEMI products, their bedsheets, quilts, and pillows would certainly satisfy your home-decorating expectations.

Why you should make your bed every morning

After familiarizing yourself with AKEMI products, their various lined styles and bedding designs can help you in the process of making your bed neat and mess-free. Contrary to everyone’s beliefs, making your bed doesn’t have to be a taxing chore. Studies have proven that those who make their bed first thing in the morning tend to be happier and more energized. Tidying up your bed will also help with It also helps that coming home to a neat, made bed proves to make you sleep better and will wake up relaxed and stress-free.

Here are some reasons why you should always make your bed and some tips on how to make the process more fun and improve the overall look of your bedroom with AKEMI products in Malaysia.

  1. Don’t leave the room until your bed is made, even if you wake up late.
  2. Leaving your bed messy can stunt productivity.
  3. Stack your sleeping pillows and throw some decorative AKEMI pillows in front of it.
  4. Make your bed together if you share your bed with someone else.
  5. A neat bed will make a messy room look clean.
  6. If in doubt, go back to basics. Incorporating white and neutral bedsheets can make the room seem cleaner.
  7. Learn how to make folded hospital corners to keep your Akemi bedsheet crease-free.
  8. Making your bed will rid of hair that can trigger allergies.
  9. If you snore or have a sensitive neck, get yourself some firm pillows made of foam.
  10. Have some company over? Avoid embarrassment by keeping your bed and bedroom tidy.

Different ways to make your bed

The task is not as simple, and frankly boring, as folding your comforter and arranging the bed. There are different styles on how to make one’s bed professionals like hotel housekeepers often use. However, mere simpletons can do the simple tips below to speed up the bed-making process in the mornings.

  1. Full coverage – The easiest and quickest way you can make your bed. Simply cover the bed in the comforter and tuck it in slightly over the pillows.
  2. Tucked band – Do a tucked band style if you have an accented textile or fabric. Lay the fabric over the comforter and tuck in the ends.
  3. Roll-down – There are two kinds of roll-down types: partial and full. Partial roll down doesn’t require you to expose the comforter fully by rolling the remaining length of the comforter just under the pillows. Meanwhile, full roll-down lets the comforter hang from the edge of the bed.
  4. Mix and match – Add an extra dimension by mixing and matching different patterns and colors. A mixture of bold stripes, graphics, and solid colors is a great example.
  5. Add body pillow – Laying a long lumbar pillow or a body pillow over can add a nice decorating touch to the bed.

If you decide to enhance your bed, and your quality of life, with bedroom products from AKEMI Malaysia, do check out the great offers iPrice has. Partner online stores like Lazada will often provide discounted prices for AKEMI products, so you can decorate your bed without worrying about going over your budget.