Get your gaming mode smooth-sailing with the awesome products from AJAZZ. With a wholesome variety keyboards, mice, audio, and accessories, get your gaming peripheral fix with AJAZZ products! Scroll down below for the products or you can click here to read more about the brand.


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Get Your Smooth Gaming on with Ajazz Gaming Peripherals Now!

Ajazz Malaysia: Putting the Awesomeness of Jazz into Gaming

Gaming peripherals have come a long way from merely being an extension to your gaming experience. Ajazz, hailing and established in the prosperous lands on mainland China, has gotten itself into the world of gaming peripherals with first blood and on the way for a multi-kill. With the peripherals from Ajazz at your disposal, head on to the God-like rank with ease and determination.

Ajazz manufactures and markets gaming peripherals that focuses on precision, performance, and overall durability of use. Taking into consideration that Jazz music is smooth with a tinge of attitude, Ajazz aims to portray the same, if not more, amount of sheer smoothness and attitude through its gaming peripherals.

Get Your Multi-Kill with Ajazz Peripherals: Keyboards, Mice, Speakers

Ajazz branches its products into 4 main categories:

Ajazz Keyboards
Two main products are available under the keyboard category. Ajazz produces both mechanical keyboards and normal keyboards to suit all manners of gamers. The AK47 Mechanical Keyboard is a backlighted mechanical gaming keyboard with an alloy case that has 82 keys. It comes in Zorro MX Blue and Black colors which give it a smooth and sleek look. The AK47 houses Cheery Stabilizers underneath the keyboard which are also plate-mounted. The Cherry Stabilizers work through the utilization of two little switches that support each key. They help improve the balance and feel of the keyboard—putting focus into the Shift, Backspace, Enter, and Space buttons. Furthermore, the inclusion of a Professional PCB will allow for a longer lifetime which will subsequently provide you with more game time!
The AK33 RGB Keyboard on the other hand features a more compact version of keywords but doesn’t eliminate all the features of a full keyboard. With a floating-key design and RGB backlighting, the AK33 houses substantial performance for a compact keyboard. The 82-keys form factor is partnered with the Hero 84-style layout that emits a fully functional capability while being compact.
Ajazz Mice
The mouse of a gamer is like his rifle, his wand, his main weapon against the forces that opposes him. Considering this, Ajazz manages to produce high-performing gaming mice that would generate gaming prowess like no other. The first and most famous of which from the brand is the First Blood Gaming Mouse. Equipped with 8200 DPI and a maximum of 16400 DPI precision, the First Blood urges you to do your very best while you game. With a button life of 10 million clicks and USB 3.0 interface, you can game to your heart’s content, and also your game character’s heart’s content.
The Green Hornet Gaming Mouse features copper-platting that gives it a great metallic feel and look. It was developed to give you high performance while gaming with features like an ultra-precise scroll wheel, high-resolution 2000 DPI, a special edition PAN3509 chipset specifically made for gamers, 6 buttons (2 side-buttons and a DPI switch), and a switch life of 5 million cycles. If you want a perfect gaming mouse that gives you the performance that you need and want, then the Ajazz Green Hornet is the best choice.
Ajazz Audio
Only 1 product reigns control in this category and it’s the AJAZZ AK18 Gaming Headset. The headset is built with an internal Mic RPG/FPS-compatible feature, volume control, soft leather ear pads, and are perfect for gaming, video calls, and music. The black and red lining and cover gives it an awesome look and feel, of which are what gamers usually look for. Along with frequency capabilities of 20-20000Hz and a noise-cancelling directivity feature, the AK18 could be one of the best choices of an all-round gaming headset.
Ajazz Accessories
No peripheral could ever be fully complete without having accessories attached to them. When considering taking care of your gaming mouse in terms of its aesthetics and its durability, the AJAZZ Crab King Mouse Bungee offers an extended support feature that allows you to move freely in a controlled manner with your mouse. Ever missed that ever-important, satisfying shot because your mouse cord got caught on something? The Crab King fixes that problem. Making sure that you can see where the cord is while seamlessly making your mouse feel like it’s wireless, the Crab King is a good accessory for any gamer out there. Its features are as follow:
  • Performance Flexibility that utilizes rubber mouse cord which allows you to place your mouse cord in whatever position you like.
  • Adaptive Compatibility that allows the grip grooves to fit both thin and thick mouse cords.
  • Stability in forms of having durable legs with super-grip feet and a heavy iron core to provide the best stability in the business.
  • Can be disassembled.

AJAZZ has taken the gaming peripheral world by storm with its highly durable and extreme performing products. Ranging from keyboards, mice, audio, and accessories, you can find what you want, need, and like through their products. The world of gaming has changed the way of how we play and how we enjoy them—bearing in mind that a good gaming platform (be it a laptop or a PC) is only as good as its peripherals. With the promise to make the peripherals as close to perfection in terms of quality, performance, and durability, AJAZZ would always come close to providing you with the best you can get. Besides, smooth gaming like smooth jazz is what most gamers want dearly.

While China has leading brands in the gaming peripheral world, AJAZZ can be considered to be one of the best in the market. Take steady consideration of which of the products that you choose to equip yourself with and dive in straight into the world of gaming with AJAZZ peripherals. Remember, gaming is only enjoyed best if your peripherals suit your playstyle and how you choose to play.

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