Aigner is a brand that is known for their elegant, stylish and sophisticated bag that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation. Read on more to find out how here.

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Aigner – Of Class and sophistication

Stylish, contemporary and classic – these are the statement words that perfectly represents what AIGNER is all about. This German brand has been collecting a cult following all over the world with their timeless handbags and accessories. With the right mix of German expert craftsmanship, Tuscan tradition and a deep passion for life, Aigner has shook the world of fashion with collections that are to die for.

Aigner – When tradition takes over

The great fashion designer Etienne Aigner was born in Hungary back in 1904. More than half a century ago, presented to the world his very first collection, a handbag collection in New York, causing a major sensation. The only reason why people in the 1950’s were so excited about Aigner’s exclusive leather creations was that ever since the invention of the ‘steamer trunk’ for the legendary transatlantic liners or the Orient Express, there had been no real innovations in travel luggage.

A few years down the road, Etienne Aigner met Heiner H.Rankl, a businessman with a keen feel for the future and an equally strong sense of tradition and together, they brought forth the brand, Aigner in 1965 in Munich.

Aigner is brand that is created for those who love tradition, but live progression. It is considered the very first German cult brand in the field of sophisticated bag fashion. The symbol of Aiger, an “A” in the form of a small horseshoe stands for the highest quality. It is as unmistakable as the Aiger-typical antique red colour and recognized for the commitment to lasting values such as traditional craftsmanship, highest quality standards and perfection in every detail. It symbolizes the brand’s proximity to exclusive equestrian sports and the love of leather crafts.

The small horseshoe combined with the red colour was not only a striking feature of the best handbags, belts and expensive travel luggage, but also leather-encased cigarette lighters, corkscrews, pipesmokers’ accessories and even backgammon boxes. It was more intuition than calculation that created an Aigner brand world which reflected and enhanced a life of pleasure, savoirvivre and sheer style.

They've become a part of the lives of the company's sophisticated customers: true leather and handbag classics that were designed in the 70s and that made AIGNER world-famous: The distinctive Saddle Bag and the unmistakable Doctor's Bag.

Throughout the decades, AIGNER has retained its claim to creating true classics.

Aigner – Bridging the gap between tradition and innovation with expert craftmanship

At the Aigner Modelleria in Munich, you can hear soft strokes on metal and see needles slide into fine leather with precision. For almost 50 years, the luxury brand has been focussing on handmade craftsmanship, attention to detail and sophisticated design. The Leather Collections from AIGNER combine the charm of traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities.

Aigner craftsmanship is a statement of classic craftsmanship, which also proves that change and tradition are not mutually exclusive. Each bag creation tells the story of its origin and unifies contrasts into one cohesive design: modern technology and styles are combined with tried and tested expertise.

Aigner – Cybill around the world

In line with its 50th anniversary, Aigner came out with a collection inspired by some of the most well-known cities in the world. Featuring its iconic Cybill bag, these 10 exclusive Metropolitan models each channels the spirit of a metropolis with characteristic colours, significant symbols and complex leather artwork.

  • The Munich Bag – A world-class city with a warm heart, Munich is also home to the international lifestyle brand. No wonder then that the signature bag fits perfectly with Bavarian traditions in mottled grey loden felt handmade in Germany. Grey grain leather and a removable charivari chain with gold details draped from the handle complete the look. This Munich bag is cool and casual- just like its namesake.
  • The Berlin Bag – For more than 700 years, the Berlin bear has been the symbol of the city and now, he also graces the front of the Cybill Bag in timeless black. Berlin is even more pulsating and hip than ever before and keeping with this resurgence, the bear has become an international trend symbol embodying the spirit of the city.
  • The London Bag – The tradition Union Jack in red, white and blue symbolises the unity of the nations of the UK – in the exact same way that London unites culture with a modern lifestyle. This bag is a statement with its characteristics crosses in crocodile and its snakeskin-look embossed leather. Classically chic and at the same time right on trend, just like the city itself.
  • The Dubai Bag – A shimmering luxury city in the middle of the desert. A modern graphic image of a falcon graces the front of the bag that is named after this metropolis. In Arabic culture, this bird of prey not only stands for strength and power but also embodies Bedouin traditions that fo back a thousands of years.
  • The Kuwait Bag – The emblem of this great city – The Kuwait Towers. This largest of towers is 185 metres tall and together they still define the city skyline today. The unique mosaic of blue triangles also decorates the Metropolitan Cybill and the interplay of the blue tones on this high quality bag looks cool, modern and fresh.
  • The Quatar Bag – In this Islamic city, whether in architecture, art or books, the impressively entwined ornamental designs can be found everywhere. This ornamental inspiration turns the signature bag into a chic oriental must have that reinterprets the flair of Thousand and One night.
  • The New York Bag – The highlight of Cybill from this city that never sleeps – the women who carries it is not only making a statement about her favourite city, but is also an Aigner trendsetter at the same time.
  • The San Francisco Bag – San Francisco means friendliness, tolerance, openness and constant motion – attributes that are reflected in the fashion. Cool, young, always courageous and a little bit alternative, the locals show off their style at the many street festivals. This San Fran Bag is decorated with rows of black leather fringes, giving the typically clean Cybill Bag an unexpected casual and playful look.
  • The Shanghai Bag – This bag is decorated with Chinese Shou Symbol that symbolises health and long life, the most important symbol of luck in China. The traditional character becomes something bold and exciting with leather patches in glossy embossed crocodile skin print over matt grain leather.
  • The Jakarta Bag – Indonesian batik art has a long tradition. Until the 1940s, only Javanese nobles were permitted to wear these complex patterns. But thanks to the modern digital printing process, these classic ornamental designs have been applied to premium leather found on the side elements of the Jakarta Bag.

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