Malaysian Muslimah brand, Aidijuma, offers a variety of headscarves for your hijab or tudung. The most popular product in their collection, however, is their Bawal scarf. Want to know more about Aidijuma and its Bawal scarves? Read the article down below by clicking here.

Aidijuma Clothing

The Many Collections of Aidijuma Malaysia

Aidijuma began its businesses for a single purpose: to cater to every beautiful Muslimah in Malaysia and beyond. The brand understands that simplicity stands above everything else and this rings true in all of their products. The Aidijuma collections for scarves are suitable from young Muslimah to those in the peak of their golden years.

All of Aidijuma’s products are made with the highest quality of materials. They can shield your hair from the harsh UV rays of the Malaysian sun and are extremely breathable.

Square Scarf/Bawal Scarf

The Bawal scarves are essentially the traditional square fabric typically used by hijabis for their tudung. They are available in many colours, designs, and variations. Check out the Bawal collection below and find the right Aidijuma Bawal tudung for you.

  • Bawal Basic – The Bawal Basic scarf collection comprises of solid-coloured scarves without any patterns or decorations.
  • Bawal Tone – Women who wear hijabs can now experience ombré hair through their Bawal Tone scarves: a gradient, dual-coloured fabric.
  • Bawal Printed – If you think the plain or tone Bawal scarves are too basic for your tastes, you can opt for the Bawal Printed scarves instead. Available in two varieties: Bawal Printed Love and Bawal Printed Care.
  • Bawal Studded – Bawal Studded scarves are embellished with pearl-like embellishments or other embroideries.
  • Bawal Gold Print - When the pearl-like embellishments or embroidery from the Bawal Studded scarves aren’t enough, check out the gold threads on Bawal Gold Print collection. You can choose from Plain or Printed Bawal Gold Print scarves.
  • Satin – Instead of cotton, the Aidijuma Satin scarves are made of high-quality satin. Satin looks more sophisticated than cotton so this type of scarf is perfect for special occasions. Satin scarves are available in Satin Tone and Satin Printed.


The Shawl collection features a fabric that is bigger in size than the Bawal scarves. This way, you can easily wrap the fabric around your neck and shoulders, allowing you to style them in a variety of ways. The Aidijuma Shawl scarves are available in two variations: the Shawl 2 Face and Shawl Chief-On Bubble. They can also be purchased as Studded scarves or Butterfly scarves. They are available in many fun patterns and designs, like the Skull Flower, Leopard Paisley, Nautical, and Camo Paisley.

Comfy Inner

The Aidijuma Comfy Inner is meant to be worn under your hijabs. They act as a barrier between your hair and the scarves so that your hair won’t actually be seen through the translucent scarves. They are available in many forms like lace, bonnet cap, bonnet underscarf, tube underscarf, headband bonnet, full underscarf, and ninja inner underscarf. Using an inner or an underscarf will also keep any stubborn hair strands or baby hairs away from the face, keeping them invisible and secure inside the fabric. It is not necessary to wear an inner or an underscarf but depending on which Aidijuma hijab you own, you might want to invest in one (or some).

Aidijuma for Sunsilk

Aidijuma has collaborated with the shampoo brand, Sunsilk, by offering packages of scarves and shampoo. You can choose from a type of scarf with the design you like and pick the most fitting shampoo for you. These shampoos are specifically designed for hijabis and you have the choice of hair fall solution shampoo, refresh shampoo, and anti-dandruff shampoo.

Different ways to style your hijabs

Many would say that a woman’s hair is her crown and it shows what kind of person she is on the inside. But what about those living the modest lifestyle by wearing a tudung? They can’t possibly neglect their beliefs just to be able to show their crown. There are a number of ways you can personalize your hijabs and turn them into your own version of a crown.

  • Give your tudung some volume by layering fabrics and wrapping it around your head.
  • For something more lightweight, consider wearing your tudung like a turban.
  • Feeling creative? Style your hijab or turban by braiding the leftover fabric and securing them in place with a clear hair tie or bobby pins.
  • Add more structure to your hijab by emulating the “Arabic hijab” or the “Turkish hijab” style.
  • During the colder days, incorporate your infinity scarves in your hijab.
  • When going to a fancy event or place, show off your jewellery by wearing teardrop earrings or show off your necklace by wrapping the hijab leftover fabrics around your neck.
  • For a more special occasion, you can even wear a head jewellery piece. Either buy it from the jewellery stores or make your own!
  • Running out of ways to style your hijab? Find Aidijuma’s social media pages and seek inspiration from there.