AIBI Malaysia is an international brand that is currently bringing the gym in convenient and innovative products to maintain your healthy and active lifestyle in the comfort of you very own home.


AIBI Malaysia bringing the gym to you

About AIBI Malaysia

AIBI Malaysia, or officially known as AIBI International is an international company that is involved in the health industry. The company was originally established in 1985 in Singapore. What AIBI Malaysia basically does is they produce and distribute products for health, fitness, and beauty. These products include things like treadmills, weight trainers, and elliptical trainers.

They also distribute health products that are from other brands such as Reebok, Life Fitness, and Slendertone in their extensive retail network throughout South-East Asia with agencies located in Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Thailand, and also Australia. These retail outlets has allowed the company to grow internationally and motivate markets worldwide with their innovative health, fitness, and beauty products. However, AIBI does not only cater to the consumers who wish to seek a healthier and more active lifestyle - they also supply equipment to businesses that deal in the fitness and health industry such as gyms.

The very unique name AIBI is actually an acronym that stands for Achieving Individual's Beliefs through Innovation, which is part of the company's dedication to the field of health and beauty through their products. AIBI aims to become the world's leader in innovation and trend-setting for fitness, health and beauty products so that everyone can be active and stay healthy.

AIBI Malaysia's Mission

To bring the best and the newest range of fitness, health, and beauty equipment to individuals as the means of improving their well-being.
To advocate, demonstrate, and promote healthy living and active lifestyle.

    AIBI Malaysia's fitness, health, and beauty products

    In fitness, beauty and health there can be no one single product that does it all - yes, surely they will keep you healthy, but to get a more holistic approach, you would need to really focus on several different places.

    Why should you use AIBI Malaysia's products such as their treadmill? Well, practicing the healthy and active lifestyle is by all means not a task without effort. It may be fun, but it is still something that requires a lot of time and effort to do. Shopping for AIBI Malaysia's products enables you to place the gym right into your homes. Products like the AIBI treadmill enables you to actively go for runs without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office.

    AIBI GYM Treadmill Lohas T2

    This innovative and high-tech treadmill has the capability to go up to 16 kilometers an hour - try to keep up with it! The AIBI GYM Treadmill Lohas T2 also has a blue LCD screen which actively displays all the information you need during your workout such as the speed, time, distance, calories, pulse, and incline. Speaking of which, if you are those who seek a little bit more challenge during their cardio workouts, the T2 treadmill has the ability to have an incline of up to 12%; you can have the simulated feeling of running up a small hill. The AIBI T2 treadmill comes with an assortment of programs such as many different speed presets and incline presets; manual settings can be toggled via the quick speed and incline change buttons on the handle bars so you don't have to make any unnatural movements to interact with buttons elsewhere. It also folds up (with wheels) for easy storage!

    AIBI EZ Tone Desk TD-2710

    If you think most traditional treadmills all look the same, what with the extended handlebars and display up front, then the AIBI EZ Tone Desk TD-2710 will definitely break that retrospective view. This AIBI treadmill takes a very unique C shape with a treadmill coming out of it in dashing red and clean white. Why that weird shape? This treadmill actually acts as a desk that you can use to do your work, be it typing away, reading a book or browsing the internet, while you are working out. Talk about multi-tasking! When you want to put the treadmill away, it folds up and then doubles (or does it triple?) as a bench to sit on.

    AIBI AB-E9377 Elliptical Cross Trainer

    Cross-trainers are very good workout machines, you could say that they are slightly better than treadmills - but of course this is depending entirely on what a user wants. Let's say you would prefer a more holistic approach to your workout, something that works out both your arms and your legs. The AIBI AB-E9377 is a dual action magnetic elliptical trainer with hand pulse that functions very smoothly, quietly and is also built very durable. The information of the AIBI cross trainer is shown on the extra large LCD screen that is operated with the use of three buttons.

    AIBI Punching Bags

    Every now and then we need to release or let off some steam - regardless of how. The most common way that happens is to really let off some physical energy. The best, safest (wewar the AIBI boxing gloves, yeah!) and most legal way to do it is to get a punching bag! AIBI's punching bags come in a variety of different sizes for different uses, maybe it’s for different heights, different spaces, or you just have very specific training requirements; AIBI has all the punching bag sizes that you will need.

    If you are ever stuck without access to a gym and you really want to work out, you can always checkout all the AIBI fitness, health and beauty products to help you stay healthy and maintain a very active lifestyle, all in the comfort of your very own home.