A family company founded and run on family values. Ahmad Tea aims to inspire tea drinkers with their passion and commitment to quality. Interested to know more about tea? Read on below to know more about the tea brand, Ahmad Tea.

Ahmad Tea Benefits | Is Ahmad Tea's packaging recyclable?


About Ahmad Tea Malaysia

Ahmad Tea is a tea company based in London, England. It sells a range of tea bags, specialty teas, and gifts including black tea, green tea bags, flavoured teas, and herbal teas. The company moved to a new headquarters in Chandler's Ford, Hampshire in 2010. Founded by Rahim Afshar and his brothers, Ahmad Tea was named after Rahim's father.

Today, Ahmad Tea distributes to over 80 countries around the globe and it can be found in selected restaurants, hotels, specialty shops as well as some chains in certain countries. Ahmad Tea’s headquarters also contains a tea museum, which attracts local guests to visit and learn more about tea. With all of the products, Ahmad Tea earned over 20 Great Taste Awards for its various product.

Ahmad Tea Benefits

Ahmad Tea introduces the Natural Benefits collection which includes six all-natural blends – Energy, Beauty, Immune, Digest, Slim, and Sleep.

To simply enhance your sleep quality, the Beauty Infusion will help you regain your natural glow. The soft, juicy peach and luxurious aloe vera blend with lemon verbena and carob serve a naturally sweet and enriching herbal tea to enhance one's health.

Aside from enhancing sleep. the digest infusion is good in lending a helping hand to the digestive system with its cleansing blend of mint, liquorice, fennel, and biotin (aka vitamin H).

With the slim infusion, the metabolism-boosting matcha and zinc blend with cleansing mint, lemon balm, and caffeine-rich mate creates a naturally stimulating and supportive sip. Give yourself (and your metabolism) a boost with this deliciously rejuvenating tea infusion to have a slim figure!

Is Ahmad Tea's packaging recyclable?

Yes, Ahmad Tea has achieved 100% recyclable status for the following components:

  • Teabag filter paper (with tag and string)
  • Carton
  • Tags

Do Herbal Teas contain Caffeine?

Fruit and Herbal infusions do not contain the same natural compounds found in black or green tea. They are caffeine-free. However, two of our Natural Benefits blends contain caffeine-rich ingredients.

Where to buy Ahmad Tea in Malaysia?

Ahmad Tea products can be purchased through the Ahmad Tea Malaysia website. There are a wide array of tea choices you can opt for from their online stores such as Black Teas, Green Tea, Fruit Teas, and Herbal Infusions.