A.H.C HERB SOLUTION SOOTHING GEL CREAM 100ML SUITABLE FOR DRY SKIN&COMBINATION SKIN MOISTURIZING,NUTRITION EFFECT ▶ Ingredients : Centella asiatica extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Herbal complex (chamomile flower extract, lavender flower extract, rosemary leaf extract) ▶ Product Description : Gel type moisture cream that keeps your skin comfortable intensively moisturizing and calming it, and it provides basic care solution for your skin troubles. : The herbal complex (chamomile flower extract, lavender flower extract, rosemary leaf extract) gives moisturizing effect, while centilla extract and hyaluronic acid extract give soothing effect to keep skin moist and comfortable. : Each type contains one of 4 kinds of plant extract more than 48,900ppm, for each skin type and concerns. : A gel-type texture with a lot of moisture, gently coming into contact with the skin, so it is absorbed neatly without tackiness and tightness. :凝胶型保湿霜,让您的皮肤舒适,集中保湿和镇静,它为您的皮肤问题提供基本的护理解决方案。 :草本复合物(洋甘菊花提取物,薰衣草花提取物,迷迭香叶提取物)具有保湿效果, 而青蒿提取物和透明质酸提取物具有舒缓作用,保持皮肤湿润和舒适。 :每种类型含有4种植物提取物中的一种,超过48,900ppm,对于每种皮肤类型和关注点。 :凝胶型质地,含有大量水分,轻柔地与皮肤接触,因此可以整齐地吸收,不会产生粘性和紧绷感。 RM 99.00

ahc Malaysia

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