Attain an elegant and chic look—without screaming that you're wearing designer clothes—with Agnès b.'s exquisite, simple and clean clothing. Established in 1985, Agnes B features ready-to-wear men’s and women’s lines, maternity wear, shoes, eyewear, handbags and accessories that are infused with contemporary trends and ageless looks that never goes out of style.


The rebellious fashion designer - Agnes B. Malaysia

From a brand with her name hand written in ink by her own hand, Agnès b narrates an intriguing true story of a struggling daughter, teenager, mother and wife, buried under rising debt, judgment, rejection and disbelief. Born in 1941 in Versailles, Agnès Trouble—also known as Agnès b has gained the likes and admiration of many fashion and film interests. After completing her graduation at a local art college called École du Louvre in Paris, Agnes landed herself a role as a junior editor at Elle magazine after a unique dress that she designed to catch the eye of an Elle employee at a local flea market. However, her career as a junior editor was short lived as she wanted to design garments instead of editing. She began working as a press attaché and a designer for Dorothy Bis, then dubbed as the French Donna Karan in Paris.

After gaining enough experience, she was confident enough to go solo and established her first company called Comptoir Mondial de Creation in 1967. She opened her first boutique eight years later in 1975. Customers would walk in, writing graffiti on the walls and dyed her cotton T-shirts at the back of the boutique. The cotton T-shirts were so popular that customers would buy them off the peg while they is still wet!
She began creating her first menswear collection in 1981, taking cues of women’s garments and adding a masculine touch. The collection was so successful that she began creating a womenswear collection as well.

Similar silhouettes that were introduced back in the seventies have been maintained, including the long, striped tees, snap cardigans and streamlined suits that are still a best seller until today. Her inspiration is obtained from everyday life, from art, people, music, photographs, to the clothes that an average Joe wears, with the notion, believing that the garments are “less important” than the person wearing them. “I take inspiration from everyday life. Real women and real people inspire me,” she says.

Agnès sold a mix of workwear and basic items she personally designed, ranging from crisp, white button-downs, basic black tees, pleated skirts and jacket-style cardigans, and tinted to create an extensive collection of pieces that featured crisp, sharp lines and unusual colors. Today, Agnes b is one of the most successful businesswomen in the industry and boasts a career that has spanned over 30 years. Agnes has over 115 boutiques around the world and remains as a family-owned business that has grown according to the times, far from the regular sight of the fashion runways and without the help of advertisements to spread the word of her boutiques.

With the first US store opened in New York in 1981, Agnes b has since expanded its US presence to other major cities such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Manhattan. As for international presence, Agnes b has opened her stores in cities like London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei and soon to be opened in Beijing and Shanghai.

Spring Summer collection 2015 of Agnes B. Malaysia

For this year’s spring / summer 2015 collection, Agnes b presents a milder tone for its overall look, offering a mix of simple, straightforward pieces such as denim essentials, striped tees, Hawaiian print shirts and white trousers.. Relaxed navy and charcoal hued separates were also spotted, with bright colored work wear inspired pieces as well, giving the entire collection effortless and cool vibe. The runway show ended with a fine crop off suiting and sharp red carpet looks.

Celebrities wearing Agnes b

Celebrities are a huge fan of Agnes b clothing, and can be seen worn by the likes of Jade Jagger, Sophie Marceau, Jodie Foster and David Bowie. Clean, casual and comfortable wear, it is no wonder that the brand is fast gaining recognition in the fashion industry and it has become a popular wardrobe piece to both A-list stars and shoppers.

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