One problem that many individuals face when they wake up in the morning is figuring out what to wear. If you face this similar problem too, this is the perfect time for a wardrobe overhaul. Aeropostale gives you the change to revamp and restyle your whole closet without leaving a huge hole in your pocket. No matter if you are looking for a more feminine, chic or even punk style, Aeropostale has got your style needs covered.


Ever stylish, teen inspired brand - Aeropostale is a very stylish fashion brand for everyone

Aeropostale's aim in the fashion industry

With the constantly evolving trends, keeping up with the latest styles from the runway can be quite difficult mainly if you are a fashionista yourself. That is exactly what Aeropostale is here for, to keep a close eye on the ever changing trends, and adding these new changes to their collection. Just like Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M, Aeropostale is a fashion retailer (mainly found in shopping malls) that specializes in casual apparel and accessories.

Aeropostale's products are mainly targeting young teens to older men and women with ages ranging from 14 to 17 years old, and also for the bubbly and fun children ages between 7-12 years old by their P.S. from Aeropostale brand; with clothing like Aeropostale shirts and Aeropostale outwear, the customers of Aeropostale can make the world their fashion runway.

What makes this company stand out in the market is that it takes full control of its proprietary brands by:

  • Designing their own clothing in-house
  • Self-sourcing for their own clothing
  • Having their own in-house marketing
  • Their clothing are sold only at their own Aeropostale store and P.S. from Aeropostale stores; and also at their online stores.

Aeropostale offers their fashion savvy customers with the widest selection of high quality, active oriented, fashion and fashion basic merchandises at the best value for your money.

Where did Aeropostale started?

The very first Aeropostale store sprout up in 1987 in New York. But its existence dates way back to the 1920s, even before your grandparents were born. Compagnie Generale Aeropostale, which is a pioneer airmail company was the first ever to fly between France, South Africa and South America, an achievement for its day, thanks to that, the name Aeropostale stuck to this very day. They even captured the spirit of this airmail journey both in the original store design and in the flight design bomber jacket that they sold.

Fun fashionista, Bethany Mota

You would surely who Bethany Mota is - unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years. But to refresh your mind: Bethany Mota made her name in the world of YouTube by posting shopping overhauls, room makeovers or giving her 5 million subscribers insights into her personal style; as well as tips and tricks on how you can refresh and revamp your wardrobe. And if you have always been a fan of Bethany’s fashion styles, now, thanks to Aeropostale and their exclusive collaboration with this YouTube superstar, you can now steal this vlogger’s look via “The Bethany Mota Collection”.

With her own wardrobe choices and what real teens would want in their closet in mind, this 18 years old style icon designed a collection of must have pieces that would blow every young fashionista’s mind. It ranges from campus-ready knits, jeans and graphic tees, summer gateway ‘ootd’s to party ready frills and skirts without forgetting cool accessories that would take this collection to a whole new level.

Chloe Moretz, the perfect style Ambassador

Ever since her appearance on ‘Kick-Ass’ and on red carpets in Proenza Schouler, Miu Miu, and Christopert Kane's fashion wear; Chole Moretz has always been on Aeropostale’s brand ambassador radar. Since her personality and sense of style reflects Aeropostale perfectly, choosing Chloe Moretz to be their face is by far the best decision they have ever made. Most of her style ideas come from her mother but the 18 years old celebrity has always loved and greatly admired the look by Michelle Pfeiffer, her co-star in “Dark Shadows”.

To Chloe, she prefers her style to be fun, flirty, and colorful and she lives in skinny jeans cuffed at the ankle as her everyday outfit. According to her, fashion is another way to hone your own artistic ability and to express your personality, which is exactly what she designed for Aeropostale. For her advertising campaign with this teen loved brand, Chloe wore clothing that she picked and styled by herself so that her fans can now go through her collection and come out with their own style.

Aeropostale doesn't just sell fashionable clothing; they also give back to the people

Aeropostale doesn't just put on fashionable clothing on people to make them look beautiful and dashing - they are also a company that gives back to the people via charities.

  • In 2007, Aeropostale donated Christmas bear plush toys to local charities in different communities to be given out to those who needed it.
  • In 2008, Aeropostale collaborated with non-profiting youth organization Do Somethin to launch the compaign "Teens for Jeans" to raise awareness for homeless teens. The campaign worked in such a way that stores collected used jeans and then the store would donate them to local charities; donators of the used jeans would receive a 20% (in 2008) or 25% (in 2009) discount for the purchase of a new pair of Aeropostale jeans. Within the fifth year of the campaign, Aeropostale had successfully collected over a million pairs of jeans - that's a lot of jeans - and they had also donated a total of 10000 pairs of jeans.
  • In 2010, in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, Aeropostale sent a brand new pair of jeans to those who needed it to Haiti for every used pair of jeans they collected from a donating customer.
  • Aeropostale worked together with British pop band, The Vamps, to promote awareness; the school with the most collected jeans for charity would be given a free private concern by The Vamps. A total of 722072 pairs of jeans was received from this campaign.
  • Also in 2010, Aeropostale organized a contest to discover new talents among teens; the top 8 winners would receive a $5000 personal scholarship.
  • Aeropostale also partnered with the Black Eyed Peas in 2011 to sell exclusive T-shirts and CDs in which the proceeds would then be donated to the Peapod Foundation in addition to the $100000 that they pledged to the organization.
  • Aeropostale also has a program for their own employees called Aero Cares that aims to help and assist Aeropostale's employees during financial crisis that would arise from personal tragedies.