A good grocery store should carry all of your daily necessities in one place. From fresh produce to household items, AEON has everything you could possibly need. Find out more about AEON retail Malaysia below.


Get All Your Daily Necessities with AEON Malaysia

The AEON that we know today has a rich history dating back to the 18th century. Founded in Japan and known formerly as JUSCO, AEON retail in Malaysia has become one of the leading retailers in the country. Currently, it has an array of retail shops, the most popular being its grocery and department store.

AEON grocery stores are further divided into several kinds: AEON MaxValu, AEON BiG, and AEON Wellness. Other than that, Daiso also operates under the AEON umbrella name.

Can you order groceries from AEON online?

You can order groceries from AEON online through platforms like HappyFresh. Additionally, AEON also provides a personal shopper service where all you need to do is give them your grocery list directly and they will do all the shopping for you. You may also browse through the AEON product list here at iPrice, where you can find exclusive promotions to help you save more on your groceries.

What items can I buy from AEON?

You can find a variety of things like Dettol hand sanitizers, Milo drinks, Clorox bleach, Dutch Lady milk, and so much more.

Where is the biggest AEON in Malaysia?

The current titleholder for being the biggest AEON in Malaysia is the AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre. It covers about 2 million square feet and has over 5,000 parking bays.

How many AEON malls are there in Malaysia?

There are 62 AEON retail stores and shopping centres in Malaysia. You can also find AEON stores in popular malls such as Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid, Bandaraya Melaka, Ipoh Station 18, and more.