Make your next camping activity memorable with a comfortable and sturdy tent. Check out the best tents in Malaysia or read more about choosing them below. Here are some points to consider in choosing the right camping tent.


Things to Consider When Choosing Camping Tents

A good camping tent not only provides a place of refuge but also comfort, whether in the summer or in a chilly weather. To get a tent with excellent quality, here are things to keep in mind.

Tent sleeping capacity

Before choosing a tent, you should consider how many people will use it. Determine if you need extra space for additional members and gear such as sleeping bags. It’s best to go for a close-fitted tent unless you have companions that are large, claustrophobic or are bringing a pet or a child.

Tent seasonality

It’s best to get a tent that can withstand different weather conditions. This comes into use especially if you are in a place whose weather comes in 3 or 4 seasons.

3-season tents

This type of tent is the most popular choice since it is lightweight and regulates temperatures during fall, spring, and summer. 3-season tents come with mesh panels that ward off insects and increase air flow. Their only downside is that they can’t withstand extreme weather conditions like violent storms.

4-season tents

Aside from providing cover from rain and harsh sunlight, 4 season tents are also designed to stand up against harsh winds and heavy snow. They are equipped with poles and tougher fabrics than 3-season tents. They often form a rounded dome shape that prevents snow from collecting in the roof space. They also offer more mesh panels that hinder ventilation, providing you enough warmth for fierce winter weather.

Tent features

A tent is never complete without these important features: peak height, doors, and rainfly.

Peak height If changing clothes inside a tent seems to be a hassle since you cannot stand up, then you may want to consider a tent with a tall peak height.
Doors When considering a door for a tent, you should think about the shape and position of the door as well as how many doors you need. A tent with multiple doors is an ideal choice so everyone can easily go in or out of the tent without climbing over each other. Cabin-style tents offer a good number of doors, perfect for camping with family or a large group of people. Also, check if the door makes noise when you zip it open or shut.
Rainfly This provides protection to your tent against rain by creating a waterproof cover over it. This comes into use whenever rain is expected.

Tent Materials

When you’re looking for a tent, check if it is made of quality materials. Aside from that, look for important fixtures like loops so you can attach your lamp or guy lines.

  • Garage - A tent garage is designed to store your packs and footwear out of the rain. Look for one that is made of a high-denier fabric since it is sturdy and waterproof.
  • Ventilation - For ventilation, panels made of mesh is the ideal choice. Check if the ceiling, doors, and windows of the tent are made of mesh. It is the material of choice since it allows viewing and regulates the temperature.
  • Lantern Loops - A loop is essential for tents since it is where you can hang your lantern. It is often found in the middle of a tent’s ceiling. Make sure the loop is well-attached to the tent.
  • Guy line loops - Guy lines are cables that improve the stability of your tent. Before you can set up guy lines, the tent should have loops where you can fasten the cords. Most higher-quality tents come with loops where you can attach guy lines.

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