The Adidas Tubular collection is a collaboration between streetwear and high fashion. Despite the '90s look, the Adidas Tubular is made exclusively with a hi-tech upgrade. Though one can argue that it comes with a rising price, there is no better way to stay in style with their Tubular series.

Can you run in Adidas Tubular? | How do you clean Adidas Tubular? | Does Adidas Tubular run big?

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Adidas Tubular: A Mix Between Streetwear and High Fashion

Tubular in Motion

Just like any other big revolution of shoemaking, Adidas Tubular shoes were invented in the midst of 1980 as basketball season is hip at the time. Back then, Adidas was not as popular as it is nowadays and these iconic shoes were placed in the archives. Fast forward to the present, Nic Galway, VP of designs for Adidas made Tubular a highly praised collection in the shoe industry.

The name 'Tubular' came from the rubber outsole design, inspired by the tubing in car tyres. This is to increase the shoe's friction and grip, and there was no greater reference than vehicle tyres for this.

Tubulars currently exist in a variety of styles, including low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise. As a result, they are Adidas' most versatile trainer to date. Tubular trainers are special in their own way, complementary with the option to customise your trainers throughout the collection.

Low-Rise Tubular

Tubular Viral is a low-cut, sleek trainer inspired by Adidas' runner shoes. For added comfort, it comes with a stretch mesh and an elastic strap across the front. For a truly unique look, this is blended with a debossed leather heel and a back strap.

Mid-Rise Tubular

Tubular Radial is a style of mid-rise trainers inspired by the 90s' bold styles. They have a sock-like construction and a high tongue for a distinctive style. The rubber sole of these lace-up shoes is enhanced by soft fabric and suede upper. On each side, a smaller version of the three-stripe Adidas symbol is visible, which is attached to the laces. Tubular Runner has a similar look, integrating classic elements with new overlays.

The Tubular Defiant has a thinner shape, giving it a more feminine appearance. Adidas balances this with strong edges and vibrant colours, making the Defiant even more noticeable.

This angular style was extended over to the Tubular X collection. They use strong panelling to draw attention to the various materials and colours. Both of these shoes were created for streetwear and were hugely successful on the runway.

Mi Tubulars are the most interesting trainer in the Tubular collection since they allow you to entirely personalize the shoe. You may pick from a variety of colours, change the upper, alter the laces, and customize the shoe with a message or your name. This indicates that every pair of Mi Tubulars out there is one-of-a-kind, and the Tubular range as a whole has an outstanding identity.

High-Rise Tubular

Tubular Doom, a combination of trainers and socks, represents a whole new frontier in footwear design. The heel strap secures the elastic, slip-in sock to the trainer, creating a fantastic look for your outfit.

Can you run in Adidas Tubular?

You can but it is best to get an actual running shoe if you are going to be doing any form of running. You will injure yourself if you try to run in a shoe like the Tubular. Other than that, it can be used for low-mileage training.

How do you clean Adidas Tubular?

  1. By smashing the soles together, you can get rid of dirt. After that, scrape any remaining filth away with a toothbrush.
  2. Wipe away stains with a washcloth dipped in warm water and a mild liquid laundry detergent.
  3. Remove extra soap and suds from the shoes with a washcloth rinsed in warm water. Clean white outsoles with a soft bristle toothbrush if necessary. Remember to air dry at room temperature.
  4. As for the insoles and the laces, put them inside a pillowcase and run them on cold/delicate in a washing machine with laundry detergent.

Does Adidas Tubular run big?

The shoes are very comfortable but they do run big. Try to get a half size smaller than your actual size for a better fit.