Named after the great tennis icon himself in 1973, the Adidas Stan Smith line is one of most popular Adidas shoes line. The Adidas Stan Smith shoe is famous for its minimalist design. When Stan Smith casually donned his tennis shoes for a normal match, who would have expected that his simple white leather tennis shoes could be that popular? Since then, Adidas Stan Smith has been capturing the imagination of many and continues to be selected as one of the greatest sneakers of all time. Read more about Adidas Stan Smith in Malaysia below to find out.

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Top Adidas Stan Smith variations that You Must Collect

Among the renowned Adidas shoes is the iconic Adidas Stan Smith. The Adidas Stan Smith from Adidas Originals was released in 1973 as the first full leather performance court shoe and has gone on to become an off court icon. This Adidas shoe design is a true icon and is worn around the globe by everyone from the most ardent of sneaker connoisseurs to the recreational tennis player. Although the proud white and green Adidas Stan Smith is an icon of signature simplicity from Adidas, there are other variations that command equal attention and respect as well. These are the top Adidas Stan Smith variations that you must collect.

All White Adidas Stan Smith

If you are not a fan of the classic white and green color scheme of the original Adidas Stan Smith design, you can always consider the All White Adidas Stan Smith because it makes everything looks simple with its fully white body. Aside from its color, the other details that distinguish it from the original design are the white heel and logo.

Touted as the one and only Adidas Stan Smith sneaker in a fresh monochrome look, this Adidas Stan Smith design will help you to achieve the timeless look which can be hard to replicate with other white sneakers in the market. Thanks to its entirely white body, you will find it easy to pair it with any of your outfit. Furthermore, people will be amazed at how fine your All White Adidas Stan Smith looks when you walk proudly with it.

Adidas Stan Smith Black

This version of Adidas Stan Smith is the perfect example of how you make great alternate reality universe without destroying its essence. This fully black Adidas Stan Smith has been cited as the incredible alternative to keep your look young and fresh. The Adidas Stan Smith Black still has the same design as the original Adidas Stan Smith, but with a slick black color to break away from the normal rendition.

This Adidas Stan Smith backs up its understated style with plenty of substance. Instead of the usual Adidas stripes, you will find perforations in its place. After all, the Adidas Stan Smith Black is all about championing the cause of simplicity. According to Adidas, this Adidas Stan Smith Black features triple-black colorway with tonal branding so that you can wear anything with it. Simple and unassuming, it is little wonder that this particular Adidas Stan Smith variation has been counted as among the crowd's favorites.

Adidas Stan Smith Millennium

The lightweight Adidas Stan Smith Millennium has been envisioned as the running version of the classic Adidas Stan Smith Millennium design. It features the same perforated stripes. However, it has the Adidas EQT logo instead of the usual Adidas trefoil logo. The Adidas Stan Smith Millennium boasts a thicker outsole and padded tongue which is similar to the iconic Adidas Stan Smith II.

Usually, you can find the Adidas Stan Smith Millennium in its white and navy blue color scheme. If you are looking for the classic white and green color scheme of the Adidas Stan Smith Millennium, it exists but you have to look harder since it is more rare in the market these days. Despite this, it has not stopped from dedicated Adidas Stan Smith collectors to look for it and add it into their sneaker collection.