When it comes to perfume, a lot of people does not expect that Adidas is able to field a range of lovely perfume products. Catering to the needs of aspiring men and women, the Adidas perfume products offer wonderful fragrances that transform your mood and surrounding atmosphere dramatically. Read more about Adidas perfume in Malaysia here below to find out.

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Best Adidas Perfume for both Men & Women

While Adidas boasts a powerful reputation for its sport apparel and accessories, a lot of people has forgotten that Adidas also produces amazing perfume products. Adidas perfume products have been the talk of the town when they sport unique scents which can invigorating as well. Highly preferred by both men and women, Adidas knows what it takes to blend a sensual fragrance which affects the atmosphere and mood around you. Since there are lots of Adidas perfume products in the market, this is a simple guide that can help you out if you are spoilt for choices. Here are some of the best Adidas perfume for both men and women.

Adidas Perfume for Men

Adidas Adrenaline

Like its name, the Adidas Adrenaline perfume promises high-energy element in its scent. When you smell it, it is as if there is a rush of energy that fills your entire being. Crafted exclusively for men of action, the Adidas Adrenaline is a masculine scent which contains blends of citrus with herbs. Thanks to its sporty and fresh scent, many men enjoy the Adidas Adrenaline perfume immensely. As a matter of fact, the Adidas Adrenaline perfume has been cited as one of the top perfume for men.

From simple stroll in the park to elegant extravaganza in the ballrooms, you will be pleased to know that the Adidas Adrenaline perfume is perfect for all occasions. Once you have enjoyed it, you will never forget its beautiful scent.

Adidas Perfume for Women

Adidas Moves

Introduced in 1999, Adidas Moves perfume is a refreshing fragrance that offers sweet yet spicy aroma. There are notes of green apple, pepper, and pineapple in this wonderful Adidas perfume. Boasting a cool and earthy feel in its scent, Adidas Moves perfume gives you a relaxing vibe which can sooth your mind, body, and soul. At the same time, the combination of both sweet and spicy elements will draw others into its mystery.

Aptly named, the Adidas Moves perfume literally "moves" your senses with its playful scent. The Adidas Moves perfume boasts lovely scent which is liked by both men and women. Moves like magic, this Adidas Moves perfume will change your life. You should get this Adidas perfume because it is really one of a kind.

Adidas Floral Dream

Launched in 2003 by Adidas specifically for women, the lovely Adidas Floral Dream perfume was a marvelous work by both Nathalie Lorson and Jean-Pierre Bethouard. It contains top notes of bergamot, rose, and lily. Unsurprisingly, the Adidas Floral Dream perfume presents flowery vibe that attracts attention effortlessly. After all, it is all about creating the mysterious floral aura which is sensational and inspiring.

Needless to say, the Adidas Floral Dream perfume has been favored by women because its scent exhibits its own distinctiveness that makes it stands out from the other floral perfume in the market. Another interesting aspect about this particular Adidas perfume is that it is an oriental fragrance with its unique sweetness.

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