The adidas Gazelle is one of the most iconic shoes ever produced by adidas that can traced back to the mid 60s. With the recent resurgence of retro-inspired shoes such as the classic Stan Smiths, the adidas Gazelle is making a comeback after multiple iterations and has proven to highly influential in certain subcultures thanks to celebrity sightings like Oasis and Kate Moss. Now available in Malaysia.

adidas Gazelle Footwear
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Adidas Gazelle, trainers turned streetwear

Adidas does not quit mesmerizing everyone with their collection of footwear. This time, they have blown us out of the water with their much-loved Gazelle. One of Adidas Original’s most defining footwear creations, this well cherished, multi-purpose shoe has indeed become a cult classic over the years, today available in a loads of different colours and fabrics.

Adidas Gazelle, Standing strong against the test of time

Some things are designed to last, no matter if it’s a Rolex, a Cadillac or a pair of trainers, particularly those created by Adidas. The Adidas Gazelle is one great example of a well created design that will never be left out of the trend circle, an icon of effortless design brilliance. Though it’s an unfortunate thing that they are not winning any awards for their ground-breaking technology that pushes the boundaries or just for simply being bad-ass in design, the Adidas Gazelle has been creating a change and shows no signs of slowing down.

The original design of the Adidas Gazelle was conceived as an indoor football/training shoe but that didn’t stop them from getting re-issued in hundreds of different colour ways and shapes over the last few decades- moving on from a mere training shoe to a streetwear must-haves. This timeless, streamline aesthetic of the shoe is made from silky smooth suede uppers combined with a flat white midsole that creates an amazing, absolute belter of a trainer that was seen of some of the most influential sub-cultures throughout the few decades.

Adidas Gazelle, an icon of class and performance

When Adidas introduced to the world the Gazelle collection, little did they know that down the line, they would be selling two different version of the same line. First, the Gazelle OG, introduced back in 1968 as an indoor soccer shoe and the second, Gazelle (also known as the Gazelle 2), introduced several years later. Though these two version might share the same name, don’t be fooled – the Gazalle OG and Gazelle are 2 vastly different kicks.

  • The OG has a more pointed shape from the back all the way to the front, a slimmer midsole with a much shorter tongue. The longer tongue on the Gazelle 2 can be quite a trouble for those who wear pants with shorter hem.
  • Gazelle 2 is made from a rather synthetic material that can be kind of squeaky at times. (It feels like you have a squeaky toy stuck to your shoe all the time)
  • A way larger toe box for the Gazelle 2, which gives your little chubby feet more breathing room.
  • Gazelle OGs are way, way lighter than its younger sibling, which may come in handy when the temperature reaches inferno-level.

Get personal with the Adidas Gazelle

Channel your creative side today with the classic MI Gazelle OG Custom shoes. No matter if you want to get personal with your shoe or get one of the pre-made ones, the Gazelle OG gets a modern update thanks to the numerous custom options that allows you to move on beyond the classic. Add a dash of colour for a simple twist or make a bold change, it’s totally up to you.

Customizing your personal shoe

  • Two different leather types which only means double the options in creating your own style
  • From the base of tongue, the lining to the laces, these are your empty canvas where you can paint them in numerous different colour combinations.
  • Add a personal touch – your name even your country flag to the shoe.

Bring your wildest looks to life today with the Gazelle MI Custom Shoes or get our own classic silhouette from iprice. But if Gazelle is not for you, check out our widest range of Adidas sneakers, Adidas Tubular, adidas Yeezy, and Adidas sports shoes.