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Acer Malaysia

It is a dog-eat-dog world in the tech industry and it is not easy for companies to survive as technology constantly evolves. Acer has proven itself to be among the few that has the innovations, skills, and brains to make it to the top. While the brand may not be able to include itself among high end brands, like Apple and Dell, its affordable pricing is what has enabled the brand to be a constant presence in the market. The company manufactures all kinds of hardware products from computers and projectors to smartphones and televisions.

Pushing Past The Limits

A tech company with deep roots in the computer industry, Acer strives to meet the needs of its consumers in terms of pricing and computer features. Take the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook for example. It is a very new Acer laptop that offers a 14-inch screen display, long battery life (14.5 hours!), and comfy keyboard, made available and affordable at a starting price of US$ 250. College students and others on tight budgets would appreciate Acer’s relatively low pricing and quality-assured tech .

Venturing Into The Unknown

Similar to its other tech products, Acer’s smartphones are known for their budget price and quality features. A great example would be the Acer Liquid Jade, that has been touted as “the best phone from Acer” with its dual SIM capabilities and 13mp camera at a budget price of US$ 250. It is the perfect phone for businessmen who needs to have two mobile phone numbers (one for business and the other for pleasure).

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Acer Malaysia now brings you products that range from desktop and laptop PCs, tablet computers to smartphones, and peripherals. You can search for all that they are offering here at iprice! Check them out below!

Acer Malaysia - acing the computing world

Acer Malaysia's ace-worthy beginnings and where does the world see it today

Founded in 1976 by Stan Shih together with his wife Carolyn Yeh and a group of five other people called Multitech, ACER has its roots in Hshichu City, Taiwan. Originally, ACER began as a distributor of electronic parts and a consultant in the use of microprocessor technologies under the name of Multitech. They also produced a number of products (Micro-Professor MPF-I training kit, Microprofessor II and Microprofessor III) before joining the IBM PC compatible market and became a successful PC manufacturer. It was not until 1987 that the company was renamed from Multitech to ACER.

By 1998, ACER divided itself into five main groups: ACER International Service Group, ACER Sertek Service Group, ACER Semiconductor Group, ACER Information Products Group, and ACER Peripherals Group.

When consumer notebooks became the sole growth drivers of the PC industry in the mid-2000s, ACER was immediately beneficial for its exceptionally low overheads and dedication to the channel. By 2014, ACER is dubbed the world’s fourth-largest personal computer vendor. In Europe, ACER grew rapidly through the empowerment of a more traditional strategy of targeting retail consumers instead of online sales and business customers—what ACER’s rival marketing were targeting at the time. When ACER bought Gateway in the USA and Packard Bell in Europe, they became the world’s number 3 provider of computers and number 2 for notebooks.

ACER’s worldwide footprint

Being one of the maker leaders of notebook and desktop PCs, tablets, monitors, projectors, smartphones, servers and storage solutions, ACER has its footprints all across the major locations of the world

Acer Malaysia

Acer has a stronghold in Malaysia. In the past decade or so, people have come to trust the brand Acer Malaysia.

North America

Headed by Acer America Corporation and based in San Jose, California, being one of the members of Acer Group, Acer America handles the R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing operations in the United States and Canada.


ACER’s Australia subsidiary is established as Acer Computer Australia (ACA) and was established in 1990. Having being only third behind Hewlett-Packard and Dell Australia. This particular subsidiary is Australia’s leading PC vendor in government and education markets.


In India, basing in Bangalore, ACER’s subsidiary is called Acer India (Pvt) Limited. Its key segments (education, desktop computers, and low profile notebooks for education make it a notable PC vendor.

Indonesia The main distributor of PT Acer Indonesia is the PT Dragon Computer and Communication.


ACER has two factories in Netherlands under the Acer IMS bv; a laptop factory in Den Bosch and a desktop factory in Tilburg. In Tilburg, various Acer server models and TV set top boxes were produced in limited quantities. There were also factories in Germany under the name of IMS in Ahrensburg and Hamburg.

As ACER extracted its computer production under Wistron (one of its branches), the Dutch and German brands merged. They relocated to mainland China and the desktop factory discontinued.

ACER Malaysia’s acing product line

Business desktops & notebooks

  • Acer Veriton series
  • Acer TravelMate series
  • Acer Extensa series


  • Acer C670
  • Acer AC700
  • Acer C710
  • Acer C720 (2GB)
  • Acer C720 (4GB)
  • Acer C720P

Computer displays

  • G Series
  • P Series
  • H Series
  • X Series
  • B Series
  • V Series
  • S Series
  • T Series
  • D Series
  • MO Monitor TV series

Consumer desktops

  • Desktop Acer Aspire Predator
  • Acer Aspire Desktop series
  • Acer Aspire Predator series
  • Consumer notebooks
  • Acer Aspire Notebook series
  • Acer Aspire Timeline series
  • Acer Ferrari products series
  • Acer Iconia

ACER’s impact and contribution to the environment

ACER was ranked 4th out of 15 in Greenpeace’s re-launched Guide to Greener Electronics. The guide ranked electronics makers according to their policies and practices to reduce their impact on the climate, produce greener products, and make their operations more sustainable.

Upon launching new products that do not contain polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) and brominated flame retardants (BFRs), ACER also informed Greenpeace that they are producing PVC/BFR-free products.

ACER-sponsored parties and events

In the year 2000, ACER became an official sponsor for the BAR-Honda Formula One racing team. Following that, they sponsored the Prost Grand Prix Formula One team and the Ferrari team dubbed their engines as Acers.

ACER has become the official sponsor of the Ferrari Formula 1 team from 2003 to 2012 and was the top sponsor of FC Internazionale – Milano (Inter Milan). From 2007 till 2009, ACER was the official sponsor of F Barcelona and the Toronto Blue Jays.

ACER was also a Worldwide TOP Partner for both the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Singapore Youth Olympic Games, and the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

ACER has a professional gaming team that consists of players from all around the world to compete in games like StarCraft 2, DoTA TrackMania, and FIFA Soccer.

ipirce and Acer Malaysia

We here at iprice deliberately and most profoundly believe that what Acer is doing both in the advancement and innovation of technology and in the spirit of keeping up with sustainability and growth of the world that surrounds it is most admiring. When it comes to finding the balance between quality and performance, Acer aced the in-between line. Since you are already at the end of this article, why not you head on back upwards and browse through many Acer products available? We should also mention that most (if not all) of said Acer products come with great deals and awesome discounts! Be sure to check them out and also our coupons page right here.

May Acer Ace Your Life.

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