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4Life Malaysia – Strengthening you immune system

Health is something we can never take for granted. With good health comes a fulfilling life and good health can only be achieved with a healthy immune system. Naturally, our immune systems get weakened over time due to our environment such as weather, unhealthy diet and stress. Hence, we take supplements to boost our immune system and boost energy at the same time. 4Life Malaysia brings the best in natural supplements to enable our bodies to synthesize immunity naturally. 4Life’s highest grade of supplements have till today, been proven as the leading brand of natural enhancements for our body. Let’s look at how we can get the best to increase our body’s health. Follow the links below to find out more.

4Life’s rich history

4Life has a rich history to back its excellence in the food and drug industry. The company is currently owned by president and CEO Steve Tew. Established in 1998 in the US, 4Life is a product of years of ongoing research in the field of bioengineering and health sciences. Using all natural ingredients straight from nature, 4Life has come up with revolutionary formulas to naturally revitalise the human body and bring it to optimum performance. Coupling these breakthrough’s with the latest methods in synthesizing has earned 4Life a recognition in the world of supplements.

The company also believes in the direct sales approach to marketing its products. Unlike other direct selling companies, 4Life has transcended the traditional processes of selling to incorporate more modern means. Using online media and mobile apps, along with a battalion of well trained professionals powering the sales team, 4Life has far exceeded any health-science company. Winning awards comes second nature as the quality of supplements backed by research is top-notch. Here are some awards 4Life has collected over the years:

  • Digital Media Award Best in Show
  • 2014 Mobile Technology ETHOS Award
  • Digital Media Award: Twitter™ Campaign
  • N. Blokhina Award
  • Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) Philanthropy Award
  • President’s Excellence of the Year Award
  • Utah State Senate Seal

Up to this day, 4Life still strives towards excellence in every product they make. It’s no wonder that the company has reached the peak of success in this day and age. Let’s look at some of the science behind the coveted brand.

Transfer Factor – The science behind 4Life products

If you’ve heard of 4Life, you’ve probably heard of Transfer Factor. Transfer Factor is the term that encapsulates 4Life’s main science behind most of its products. There are three main elements to Transfer Factor:

  • UltraFactor XF
  • OvoFactor
  • NanoFactor

UltraFactor combines proteins and other peptides from cow colostrum to formulate immune-boosting supplements. By harnessing colostrum in the immunity-rich first milk the cow produces, Transfer Factor brings out natural infection-fighting antibiotics in our body. Together with OvoFactor that takes proteins and peptides from chicken egg yolk and NanoFactor (nano-filtered colostrum), Transfer Factor supports your body’s natural vaccines. Each Transfer Factor technology is patent-protected so that you’ll only get the best from 4Life.

There are also other revolutionary technology powering the supplements that 4Life has developed over the years, but the most advanced is transfer factor. 4Life’s supplements can be found in various intake forms such capsules, chewable tablets, juice beverages and powders.

4Life revolutionary products

4Life’s products are processed and packaged with the highest standards. Each product goes through vigorous inspection processes to ensure quality control is at its finest. As you may have already guessed, Transfer Factor is the best-selling 4Life product in the market today. Some Transfer Factor products are:

  • Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Tri-Factor
  • Transfer Factor RioVidaRioVida
  • Transfer Facto PRO-TFFacto PRO-TF
  • Transfer Factor Chewable Tri-Factor
  • Transfer Factor CardioCardio

Other 4Life supplements include:

  • 4Life Herbal Tea
  • 4Life Enummi Night Recovery CreamEnummi Night Recovery Cream
  • 4Life LiveRiteLiveRite
  • 4Life Enummi Men's Skin Care EssentialsEnummi Men's Skin Care Essentials

Albeit the long list of products and supplements, 4Life has way more under its belt. Just look at the technology behind its ground-breaking advancements, you’ll find there’s no other company that has done this much homework. You could also check out the 4Life health & beauty products available here. 4Life’s innovative science behind skincare and regenerative health is condensed into 4Life Enummi skin care line There is a secret to the company’s achievements though.

Career in sales with 4Life

Let’s look at how you can not only gain access to the best supplement series in the market today, but also gain a successful career in sales and marketing under 4Life. Everyone wants to be successful in their careers. This trade secret has motivated 4Life to become one of the leading players in the line of direct sales. Since 1998, 4Life has been exclusive with promotions to members or authorised dealers with unbeatable discounts. Also, the company has an awesome recruitment scheme that encourages people to learn and advance their careers. Everything from awards to incentive trips are given to boost morale and keep the sales productive. Even in Malaysia, 4Life has a strong base of dedicated personnel at the helm moving the company ahead.

Purchasing 4Life online through iprice

The beauty of shopping for 4Life products in Malaysia is the ability to purchase online. Online shopping is the best way to browse all the best products from all over the world. 4Life’s online repertoire of supplements and healthcare products comes from all over the world. So if you can’t seem to find a product in Malaysia, you could find it online at healthcare products comes from all over the world. So if you can’t seem to find a product in Malaysia, you could find it online at iprice. iprice gives you the best from 4Life to boost your health and immunity today. Don’t wait, shop on iprice and you too can be at top form.

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