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12-in-1 First Aid Kit Medical Bag for Home & Outdoor
RM 26.70

Description Whether you are at home or take part in some outdoor activities, the 12-in-1 first aid kit is a necessity which can be used to treat with some unexpected emergencies. The first aid kit includes triangular bandage, safe pins, elastic bandage, scrissors, sterile gauze sponges, adhesive plastie, etc. With portable design and easy to carry, it is a necessity for home and outdoor use. Features - 100% brand new 12-in-1 first aid kit medical bag. - The first aid kit mainly includes: 1. one triangular bandage: used to immobilize and keep splints in place. 2. two safe pins: used to fix the bandage. 3. one elastic bandage: used to keep wounds bandages in place. 4. one scissors. 5. five sterile gauze sponges: used to absord the blood and bind up a wound. 6. one tourniquet: used to stop bleeding temporarily. 7. one adhesive plastie: used to fix the bandage and dressing in place. 8. ten alcohol prep pad: used for the sterilization and disinfection of the wound. 9. ten bandages. 10. four povidone-lodine prep pad: used for the sterilization and disinfection of the wound. 11. one tweezers: used to pick up the dressing and fragments in the wound to avoid cross-infection. 12. one carrying bag. - Portable design, light weight and easy to carry when going out. Package Contents: 1 Safe Pin 1 Scissors 5 Tourniquet 1 Alcohol Prep Pad 10 Povidone-lodine Prep Pad 1 Carrying Bag 1 * User Manual #FirstAid

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