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2M m Siphon Air Atomizing Nozzle Two-fluid Fuel Burner Nozzle
Description: 2mm Siphon air atomizing nozzle, two-fluid fuel burner nozzle. Specification: Material Metal Bore diameter 2.0mm/0.08" Air inlet 1/4" Gas/Oil inlet 1/8" Total Length 68mm/2.68" Application Widely used in diesel, heavy oil, waste oil, waste oil, animal and vegetable oils, and other alcohol-based fuel oil, gas, combustion spray systems, spray workshop humidification cooling system, mechanical cleaning dust, various types of industrial spray aerosol products. Features: 1. The use of compressed air to swirl inside the tubes and mix the atomized droplets impact. 2. Can produce tiny micro particle size mist particles at low pressure and low volume conditions. 3. Can control the air flow and pressure to adjust the spray flow, angle and size granularity. 4. Since the fluid passage has a large, and therefore have a good anti-clogging effect. 5. In the heavy oil, waste oil burner, oil and other application viscosity of the liquid atomization effect is very good. 6. The working pressure range is 0-10/kg/cm2,different flow capacity needs different filter screen. Flow capacity range is 1.5-1.7 L/h, needs a 45um oil filter screen. Flow capacity range is 1.89-3.78 L/h, needs a 75um oil filter screen. Flow capacity range is 4.76-5.10 L/h, needs a 125um oil filter screen. Flow capacity range is 5.68-41.64 L/h, needs a 140um oil filter screen. Flow capacity over 45.42L/h, no need for oil filter screen. Normally the working pressure is 3 bar, for 1.00mm version, the liquid waste is
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